Brothers Seth & Zac Longaker's longtime affinity for Mexico dates back to their San Diego college days in the early 1990s. Countless excursions across the border led to a lifelong fondness for Mexico, their people, culture and of course libations.

It was on one of their numerous jaunts south that led them to a serendipitous crossing of the paths with a mystery man in Leon, Guanajuato. It was at this meeting on the rooftop of a local coffee shop where the three men sat sipping tequila well into the evening that the Odyssey of Acre Largo originated. That warm July night the quest to produce one of the finest tequilas the world has ever tasted set about and the brother’s unrelenting dedication to learn and pay homage to the great tequila makers of Mexico began to unfold.

Traveling the bumpy and winding roads of the highlands of Jalisco, the three men toured vast amounts of distilleries, farms and estates all to find the perfect partnership. It took several trips and copious amounts of tequila over indulgence until a bond began to take shape with a small family owned distillery outside of a little town called Jesus Maria.It was at Hacienda la Esperanza the brothers met the Lopez sisters and their Mother. The women shared the history of their family and distillery, knowledge was imparted and the foundation of a partnership was forged.

During follow-up visits they laughed, imbibed and talked about their love for their families and hopes for their futures. Dreams were shared and Acre Largo started to come to life. Once nothing more than the hazy vision of two brothers, Acre Largo is now poised to take the tequila world by storm.

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