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Hecho en Mexico

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Hecho en Mexico

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tasting notes

Peppery spice on the nose, lively, fresh agave. Touch of lime zest classic 'Tequila' aroma. Palate is peppery, some caramel sweetness on the finish. A touch of dark cocoa nicely complex and balanced.


Double Gold Winner San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023

Gold Medal Winner Global Tequila & Mezcal Masters 2023 UK

tasting notes

Acre Largo Reposado was rested for eight months in American Oak Single Malt Whiskey Barrels. The barrels were provided by Westward Whiskey of Portland, Oregon. The rich, distinct and brazen flavors of Westward's flagship whiskey barrels impart a subtle, yet tasty hand to our reposado aging process without overpowering the natural agave flavors. The barrels, uncharred and holding tequila for the first time gives us a mature spirit not overly influenced by oak that allows the agave profile to be front and center on the palette. The results are a clean, complex and vibrant tequila!

Acre Largo

Acre Largo small batch tequila was born in the highlands of Mexico above the small town of Jesus Maria. Produced at Hacienda la Esperanza, a fifth generation, 3000-acre estate that yields only the finest blue agave in the world. Dating back to the 19th century, the agave grown at this altitude and climate has been used to craft some of the finest tequilas around.

Unique Qualities

The agave harvested in this ideal environment are known to bear the most natural sugars that present a smooth, subtle and sweet taste. The result is an authentic artisanal spirit that will make even the most discerning of tequila drinkers thirsty for more. Distilled in tribute to the heritage of the land and traditional Jimadores of days past, Acre Largo is simply, good tequila.

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